Course Overview

Our course will enable you as a physiotherapy practitioner, to develop your knowledge and extend and advance their practice to meet the increasingly complex demands of physiotherapy within the health and social care sector.

Innovation, research and creativity will be fostered to enable you to influence practice and service delivery and effect change. A key element will be the development of evidence-based practice and leadership in line with government initiative. We aim to develop clinical leaders who can improve people’s health and well-being and can deliver any necessary changes across systems and organizational boundaries.

Exercise has always been one of the key skills of physiotherapy, particularly in the treatment of musculoskeletal and acquired cardio-respiratory disease. Restoration of optimum levels of fitness and function underpins all the aims of physiotherapy intervention, irrespective of the pathology that impairs function. However, worldwide healthcare faces new challenges with increased prevalence of other acquired diseases such as obesity, diabetes and osteoporosis. Epidemiological evidence supports the importance of regular physical activity in the prevention of many acquired chronic diseases, in the overall enhancement of health and in the restoration of physical fitness to promote effective functional ability.

Our job is to enhance your understanding of the theoretical underpinning of the use of exercise to aid rehabilitation and enable physiotherapists to explore in depth the theory and relevance of holistic rehabilitation in the promotion of function.

Additional Course Information

The need to provide effective, evidence-based practice is now a central tenet of professional practice. Throughout our course, you will be encouraged to actively engage with research from a range of disciplines, to critically consider different types of evidences and use appropriate critical frameworks in assessing the quality and relevance of evidence to underpin practice service delivery and policy. This is a theoretical course and you are expected to make links with your own area of practice.